Collecting as a hobby
The book is only available in Swedish.
The book is intended for experienced collectors as well as merry amateurs.
This book is primarily on antique clocks and watches but is also picturing his life as a watchmaker. The book contains new research on watch signatures and origins that has never been previously published and it, therefore, adds new knowledge.
The book offers guidance on how to determine the age of clocks and watches and it describes a lot of constructions represented from the 12th century onward until the newest Omega construction of today, with drawings and replicas.

ISBN 91-631-2195-6
256 pages

Richly illustrated


Table of contents:
5 Foreword
11 Meeting with a collector and his collection – Master Watchmaker Horst Landrock
19 Something about dating verge watches
20 16th to 17th-century watches
28 The classification of watches
31 Verge pocket watches for the Turkish market
32 Saddle watches
38 Great masters and fake signatures
57 The watches from St Mikael 1747
78 Swedish Watchmaking 1700-1900
80 Examples of  Swedish made watches
80 Wideman, Johan senior
81 Freman, A., Home
82 Wolpher(t), Claes
84 Lindgren, Erik senior
84 Lindgren, Erik junior
86 Sundberg, Erik
87 Lindqvist, Johan
89 Fazy, Jean
90 Bourdillon, Augustin
94 Malm, Peter (Petter)
96 Nyman, Johan Israel
97 Garneij, Anders
98 Kock, Jakob
103 Öhman, Erik Pettersson
104 Wellenius, Erik
105 Falk, Carl
106 Nohrman, Erik
108 The verge escapement
109 Small tutorial on the manufacturing of verge escapements
117 The cylinder escapement
124 Cheap watches with cylinder escapement
131 The history of Roskopf – Georges-Frederic Roskopf
138 The history of the Dollar watch
152 Simple german watches
155 American pocket watches
162 The duplex escapement for the Chinese market
168 The virgule escapement
170 A visit to the vast collection at the British Museum
176 The chronometer escapement
179 The Tourbillon escapement
182 Breguet, Abraham Louis
184 The coaxial escapement
185 Art watches
193 Sir William Congreve
199 Pendulum maker and guilder – Rudolf Oscarsson
209 A watchmaking vicar – Klas Ludvig Lundén Nottebäck
212 The manufacturing of a silver case, dial and hands to a saddle watch
220 Lathe 18th-century model
226 Historical watchmaker from Umeå – Gustav Wilhelm Linderoth
228 Halda Pocket watch factory – Henning Hammarlund
233 Watchmaker of Swedish origin in 19th century Geneva – Henrik Robert Ekegren
236 Pictures of Swedish pocket watches with verge escapements from the late 18th century
238 Pictures of English clockworks, 1700-1850
241 Bibliography
242 Swedish wall pendulum clocks
243 Horizontal table clocks
247 Appendix – Crafts and sculpture