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Urmakaren Albin Schaeder The watchmaker and author Albin Schaeder has published two books on watches, De Underbara Uren and The Proletarian Watch.

He has also published The Watches From St Mikael, a 48 pages booklet about the watches salvaged from the wreck that was discovered outside the island of Bortsö in the Åbo archipelago in 1953.

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The Proletarian Watch

The Book is a must for everyone interested in antique clocks.
It is a research into Georges Frederic Roskopf and his invention, which
made a watch affordable to the working class and created wealth to
hundreds of factories in Switzerland.
Currently available in English and Swedish.

ISBN 978-91-631-9609-6
215 pages

Richly illustrated

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The Wonderful Timepieces – collecting as a hobby

The book is intended for experienced collectors as well as merry amateurs. It is primarily on antique clocks and watches but is also picturing the author’s life as a watchmaker. The book contains new research on watch signatures and origins that has never been previously
published and it, therefore, adds new knowledge.

Currently available in Swedish only.

ISBN 91-631-2195-6
256 pages

Richly illustrated

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The Watches from St Mikael 1747

The booklet is a thorough research of the origin of the watches that was
found onboard the wreck St Mikael that was discovered in the sea by the
southwestern coast of Finland in the 1950s.
Published in English and Swedish.

ISBN 978-91-633-3998-1
48 pages
Booklet, softcover

Richly illustrated

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Svenska Ur-utställningen 1902 katalogsida

Swedish Watch exhibition 1902

The Swedish Watchmakers Association, founded in 1892, organized an exhibition in 1902 on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. The exhibition focused exclusively on Swedish production and the catalogue showed over 600 different items from a total of 128 exhibitors.

John. G. Linderoth wrote the catalogue of the exhibition, which was published in A5 format and listed all exhibitors and exhibits.

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Newspaper for trade and technology on watches. Issued monthly and later quarterly in the years 1943-1972. The magazine is published here in pdf format starting from number 1, January 1958.

In Swedish only.

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